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Antique French Limoges Enamel on Copper Portrait Plaque Religious Mary & Jesus


A quality antique French Limoges kiln-fired enamel on a copper plaque. Beautifully rendered with exquisite detailing, here depicted in grey tones (grisaille) atop a dark dark red/brown background. Embellished with gold gilt painted accents and halos. This charming miniature portrait is an enameled work inspired after the religious painting titled Madonna of the Book, or [Continue]

Antique French Limoges Enamel Copper Jesus Portrait Religious Plaque Gilt Frame


Antique 19th century French enamel on copper portrait plaque. Depicting Christ as a child laying with the instruments of the Passion, cross, crown of thorns and nails. Exhibiting superb detail and vibrant bold colors, hand painted with gold halo and accents. The plaque is signed by the enamelist A. Peron or perhaps A. Pernan and [Continue]

RARE Antique 17c Christ Icon Enamel Porcelain Limoges Painting Religious Plaque

ULTRA RARE ANTIQUE ITEM! A superb early 17th century Limoges plaque. The plaque depicts religious scene. The saints is finely drawn in black, over which the enamel colors have been applied, all over a dark purple-black counter enamel, the edge of which is outlined in gold. The two corners of the plaque are decorated in [Continue]