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Pair Antique vintage religious painting Jesus painting Italian Renaissance

Pair Antique vintage religious painting Jesus painting Italian Renaissance. Date of creation: 2016 august. Size : 84x 66cm & 84x65cm. Let me know if further detail/explanation would be helpful. Seems to be a magical word in these times. Telling a story requires words , but I will say only that the painting is absolutely beautiful [Continue]

Renaissance Style Antique Religious Scene Painting Martyrium of Saint Sebastian

Renaissance Style Martyrium of Saint Sebastian. Title: ” Martyrium of Saint Sebastian”. Medium: oil on Canvas. Private Collection New York. Canvas re lined, craquelure, Grime, Stains, Varnish darkened and restorations with some in painting. {more photos available upon request}. An invoice is generated and sent with total costs after offers are accepted. Our members have [Continue]

Antique 19th C. Italian Renaissance Style Oil on Canvas Madonna and Child c. 1860

Antique 19th Century Oil on Canvas Madonna and Child, Italian Renaissance Style After Raphael, c. Stunning painting of Madonna and child. Employing a 19th century technique, the subject is styled after 16th century Italian Renaissance Master Raphael. This painting portrays a touching scene of Madonna holding the infant child while two cherubs look on. The [Continue]

Fine 19th Century Madonna Portrait Renaissance Raphael Old Antique Oil Painting

Fine 19th Century Madonna Antique Oil Painting. This charming work was in the collection of Lady Archibald Weigall in 1943. We know from the inscription on the back that she brought the painting to Christies on 2 February 1943, but it was never consigned to sale. Williams mother was connected to several powerful aristocratic dynasties. [Continue]

Antique Albrecht Durer copper print plate engraving renaissance the last supper

ALBRECHT DURER COPPER PRINTING PLATE ENGRAVING MATRIX REF NO. Ancient copper plate matrix, made to reproduce prints of the work of one of the masters of the german renaissance, Albrecht Durer. Original and in excellent condition, made in 19th century or possibly earlier. Dirt and green spots are due to age, use and nature of [Continue]

Large 19th Century Renaissance St Barbara Signed Portrait Antique Oil Painting

Large Italian Renaissance St Barbara Signed Portrait Antique Oil Painting. Full length portrait of a saint possibly Saint Barbara signed by Italian artist Enrico Fanfani. The panel has been painted in the style of Fra Angelico c. 1395 – 1455 who was an Early Italian Renaissance painter. St Barbara died c. 200 CE was a [Continue]

Large 16th Century Netherlandish Renaissance Crucifixion Christ Antique Painting

Fine 16th century Netherlandish. Old Master of the Crucifixion. Stunning large depiction of the. Upon the Cross between two. Witnesses at beneath them. Very important and early piece of Netherlandish painting similar to Mastaerts work from the period, excellent detail in the figures and bold colours typical of the movement. Collection of European Old Masters. [Continue]