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Offering religious Buddha statues at home, copper gilded Diamond statues


Offering religious Buddha statues at home, copper gilded [Diamond] statues. Size: Height 22cm, Width 13cm, Thickness 10cm, Weight 0.95kg. The design is ancient and clumsy, and the form, appearance, and posture are all peaceful, peaceful, dignified, and solemn. Round and plump face, thick and gentle, high-end and upscale atmosphere! The vessel is thick and heavy, [Continue]

Antique Religious Home Altar Holy Family Diorama 3D Ornate Wood Frame 1800s


Framed 3D Altar to the Holy Family. This came from my family farm. The date of 1892 (when the Confraternity to the Holy family was established) is close to when my grandfather was born, so I believe this belonged to his parents. The way the back is shaped makes it perfect to hang in a [Continue]