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Majestical 52 Church Brass Copper Candelabra neo gothic rare religious


Antique french church candelabra. Brass / copper neo gothic design. 133 cm height without candle and 56 cm wide (red candles not included). For transport we dismantle the rings. Don’t forget to follow us on FB under ffantiques for our daily new arrivals. The item “Majestical 52 Church Brass Copper Candelabra neo gothic rare religious” [Continue]

Majestical XXL neo gothic castle church Bronze enamel chandelier lamp religious


Antique 1850/1880 bronze church chandelier. With enamel decor and texts in latin. Is totally with chains till top 165 cm lenght and diameter middle parts where candles can be put is 47 cm. You can place 10 candles in it. Finish gone at some enamel parts and some rust here and there due to age [Continue]

Majestical Antique French Church religious neo gothic chandelier lamps candles


Top piece that was hanging in a monastery in Bruges. Huge chandelier 82 cm diameter!! And 88 cm height till canopy so really impressive piece. 9 lamps can be placed and candles also so it is a combi lamp / candles (bulbs e14 not included). Chandelier itself 1920/1930 period (electrification renewed more recently). Typical neo [Continue]

Majestical Antique Religious Bronze church 26 lamps chandelier 2 levels rare


Amazingly beautifull piece from France Church antique chandelier. Totally 26 lamps (bulbs e14 not included). Rare to find such a piece nowadays , especially with so many lamps. Totally it is 107 cm lenght with chain included, the chandelier it self is 75 cm height and diameter largest ring is 70 cm cm and upper [Continue]