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Antique 18th Century Old Master Painting St. Francis Italian Hermit Skull Santo


This exceptionally well-painted oil on canvas from the middle 1700’s depicts Saint Francis of Asissi as a hermit in contemplation of Christs suffering. The saint gently supports a crucifix in his hands as he kneels in a gloomy space; a book propped on a human skull rests on the table before him. Francis’ hands already [Continue]

Italian Renaissance 1600’s Saint Cecilia & Angel Old Master Antique Oil Painting


Italian Renaissance 1600’s, Saint Cecilia & Angel, Old Master Antique Oil Painting. A wonderful and rare survival and fresh to market, late 16th or early 17th century Italian oil on re-lined canvas depicting St Cecilia playing an organ and attended by an angel. The haloed Saint Cecilia, her eyes raised heaven-wards with an angel at [Continue]

Madonna & Child Italian School Renaissance Old Master 17thC Antique Oil Painting


Madonna & Child with St John the Baptist, 17th Century Antique Oil Painting. A gorgeous 17th century Venetian school oil on canvas representation of the Madonna & Child Jesus with St John the Baptist in a classical landscape. The image dimensions are approximately: 15 1/4” x 13 1/4” (39cm x 33.5cm). Housed in a superb [Continue]

Apollo & Coronis Dutch Flemish Religious Old Master 1600’s Antique Oil Painting


Cornelis Van Poelenburg, Dutch Old Master,’Apollo & Coronis’, 1600’s Antique Oil Painting. A very interesting, fresh to the market original oil on chamfered panel attributed to Cornelis van Poelenburg. Originally thought to depict the Roman goddess Diana & Endymion however research and expert opinion suggests a much more plausible depiction of Apollo and Coronis. The [Continue]

Antique 18th C. Old Master Style Spanish School Religious Saint Putti Oil Canvas


This listing is for the Antique 18th Century Old Master Style Spanish School Religious Painting pictured above. A lovely antique 18th C. Spanish school scene depicting a saint looking up towards an angel. The saint, depicted on his knees, wears a red and gold robe. Above his head, a faint halo can be seen. In [Continue]

Christ & Woman Renaissance Religious Old Master Saint Large Antique Oil Painting


Christ & The Woman at the Well, Renaissance Old Master, Saint, Large 19th Century Antique Oil Painting. A very good, fine and large original oil on canvas depicting Jesus and the Samarian Woman at the Well. Signed and dated,”Starace 1898” lower right. Condition is very good, having been re-lined and sympathetically cleaned in the last [Continue]

Infant Christ Jesus Italian Renaissance Old Master 17thC Antique Oil Painting


Infant Christ Jesus, Italian Renaissance Old Master, 17th Century Antique Oil Painting. A charming and fine 17th century oil on canvas laid to wooden panel depicting a half-length portrait of The Infant Jesus. Likely to have been a fragment from a larger painting, 17th century Italian School, typical of the period. Image dimensions are approximately: [Continue]

Carlo Dolci Italian Madonna Renaissance Old Master 1700’s Antique Oil Painting


After Carlo Dolci, Italian Madonna with Lilies, Renaissance Old Master 1700’s Antique Oil Painting. A very fine and beautiful 18th century oil on canvas laid to panel depicting Madonna dei Gigli (The Madonna of the Lilies). Possibly from a larger painting, certainly 18th century Italian School, (probably Sicilian) painted here with still bright colouring and [Continue]

Antique Old Master Madonna Portrait Religious Oil on Canvas Painting


For your consideration is. Ntique European old master oil painting on canvas, depicting a beautiful and very detailed madonna. The artist of this painting is unknown and the artwork is unsigned. The frame suggests that it comes from Finland (see photo #10), and there is some info written toward the bottom of the inferior side [Continue]

E. Sirani Madonna Jesus Italian Renaissance Old Master 17thC Antique Oil Painting


Circle of Elisabetta Sirani, Italian Renaissance Old Master, 17th Century Antique Oil Painting. A fine 17th century oil on relined canvas depicting the Adoration of the Infant Christ. Painted here in a decorative oval with still bright colour and wonderful detail of the figures and their clothing. Signed with monogram,’E. In very good condition with [Continue]