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Da Vinci Italian Renaissance Old Master Madonna Saint Large Antique Oil Painting


After Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian Renaissance Old Master, Virgin of the Rocks, Large Antique Oil Painting. A wonderful, large and fresh to the market oil on canvas depicting the Virgin of the Rocks , after Leonardo Da Vinci’s 1485 original. Painted here after the first of Da Vinci’s two versions, which is housed in the [Continue]



She is being watched and adored by cherubs on both side. The painting is illegibly signed on the LR maybe L. (1617 – 1682) who was a Spanish painter known for his religious subject paintings. The pictures were taken with and without flash, so a color variation is possible. Condition is fair to good: Newer [Continue]

Antique French 19th Century Oil Painting on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin


Fantastic 19th Century oil painting in the style of Guercino “Assumption of the virgin”. Tradition records that the Apostles, dispersed throughout the universe to preach the Gospel, found themselves miraculously gathered around the deathbed of She who had presided over the birth and early development of the Church. Three days after the death of Mary, [Continue]

Antique Spanish Colonial Cuzco School Holy Family Religious Oil Canvas Painting


Antique Spanish Colonial Cuzco School Holy Family Religious Oil Canvas Painting. Today we are happy to offer for sale a beautiful antique 19th century original Cuzco school religious oil painting. A bit of info on the Cuzco School. The Cusco School (Escuela cuzqueña) or Cuzco School, was a Roman Catholic artistic tradition based in Cusco, [Continue]

Rare Antique 18th Century French Italian Religious Wood Alter Fragment Stand


Antique 18th Century French Hand Carved Wooden Religious Alter Processional Piece. Very unique & rare. I was told this could also possibly be Italian. A figure has been carved into the back. There are holes made in the back where a religious flags, etc would have been displayed. In the church alter or to the [Continue]

Antique French chalkware XL Cross station Relief very detailed religious panel


GORGEOUS antique french chalkware Cross station. Jesus dying at the christ. 62 x 40 cm so is a pretty large heavy piece. Good condition with slight traces of wear but nothing disturbing, originally it had a cross on top i think. The item “Antique French chalkware XL Cross station Relief very detailed religious panel” is [Continue]

Antique Madonna, Child & Angels Hand Painted Italian Woven Tapestry 19th Century


Beautiful Antique Madonna and Child Hand Painted Italian Tapestry-Madonna, child and a group of angels. Original Italian note stitched to the back. Woven boarder with hanging rod. Beautiful, vibrant colors-some signs of age. This family traveled to the states the the early 1900’s and arrived in Denver in the early 1920’s-this collection of tapestries was [Continue]

Old STAR OF DAVID Wooden Religious Butter Mold Press Primitive Farmhouse Antique


Up for sale is this really neat old Star of David butter mold press. It measures 3 3/4 in diameter across the bottom. And a little over 5 tall when it’s sitting. A really neat, rare design you don’t see every day in this type of mold. It is in pretty good condition! It has [Continue]