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Antique Religious Silver Plated Jesus Christ Plaque Icon 3D Image Church Altar


Antique Religious Silver Plated Jesus Christ Plate Icon 3D Image Church Altar. Very old piece in good condition! A little dimple on the Jesus’s forehead (please see all the photos). Needs a nice frame to feet it in. Some antique original patina. Size:20 1/2 high. And approximately 2 1/2 deep.

Antique Religious Home Altar Holy Family Diorama 3D Ornate Wood Frame 1800s


Framed 3D Altar to the Holy Family. This came from my family farm. The date of 1892 (when the Confraternity to the Holy family was established) is close to when my grandfather was born, so I believe this belonged to his parents. The way the back is shaped makes it perfect to hang in a [Continue]

Antique Crucifix Large Bronze Jesus Church Religious Gothic Altar 32 High Cross


Antique Crucifix Large Bronze Jesus Church Religious Gothic Altar 32 High Cross. In very good condition for the 1900th antique crucifix! Some little cracks and old patina. Don’t know what kind of wood. Incredible details on the bronze piece! Size of the wooden cross:32″-15 1/2″. Size of Jesus figure:21″-10 1/2″. This item is in the [Continue]

Antique Carved Wood Sculpture Corpus Jesus Christ Religious Altar Statue


Large antique 19th century hand carved wood Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) sculpture. Striking and beautiful, the figure exhibits such superb quality craftsmanship. This dimensional figure is likely carved from Lindenwood or fruit wood perhaps. The corpus sculpture is realistically rendered with a defined musculature and detailed features, well defined hands and feet. In overall [Continue]