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19th Century French Hand Carved Tabernacle Door Dove of Peace, Religious Antique


This is a beautiful piece; dating to the early 1800’s or possibly a little earlier. It is a French hand carved tabernacle door. It depicts the Dove of Peace and a wreath surrounding the Dove, with clouds at the bottom of the door, all of which which are gilded and contrast beautifully with the shabby [Continue]

Antique French Carved Oak Altar Cross Standing Crucifix Religious Gothic


Antique French Carved Wood Altar Cross Standing Crucifix Religious Gothic Catholic. From a French cathedral, sourced with an altar table and some other fixtures, this very large antique French standing cross/crucifix! Beautiful hand carved fleur-de-lis designs on all points with a cut-out Celtic cross background, stunning details! 31.5 TALL height x 18.75 x 8.75. 8 [Continue]