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XL Church French 1880 Wood carved polychrome religious wall angel candle holder


A top piece out of a church in France. Rare to find large wood carved wall hanging angel where you can place a candle in. 50 x 38 cm so it is a pretty large piece you don’t see often in this size as most are a lot smaller. It has some old woodworm holes [Continue]

Church Antique- TABERNACLE/AUMBRY/AMBRY- Religious- Holy -Gothic-BELGIUM

Beautiful TABERNACLE/AUMBRY/AMBRY – carved wood showing Gothic influence in the design. From old church in San Bernardino, CA. Age unknown, but estimated at ” turn of century”, Circa LATE 1800’s/ EARLY 1900’s. Hangs on wall to allow for bottom carvings. CARVING/STYLING- Shows definite Gothic Influence and also similar to other pieces from the Victorian period. [Continue]