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Original Russian Imperial Silver 84 Large Religious Cardinal Box Antique Russia

GENUINE ANTIQUE RUSSIAN EMPIRE SILVER 84 LARGE TABLE BOX. Russian – Ukranian antique silver 84 box. It was presented years ago, as a gift to Cardinal and Mitropolit Michail Levitsky. The straight sided rectangular box unusual design is striking, especially given the time of manufacture, and the perfect rendering. The most noteworthy element of this [Continue]

Original Last Supper Painting Antique Vintage Oil Jesus Religious Signed Large

Vintage Antique Original Painting Last Supper, Large, Drinking Wine With The Disciples, Unique, Jesus, Christian, Biblical, Religious, Post Impressionism, Painterly, Zablans Phil Arts, Judas, Signed CG, Fabric Canvas, Unframed, Old. Fair Aged Vintage/Antique Condition – Evidence of moisture. Some nails poking out. Edges of canvas tattered and dingy. Obviously has quite a story to tell! [Continue]