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Henryk Winograd Silver 925 Repoussé Icon Plaque Religious Saints Angles Trinity


Henryk Winograd Silver 925 HW Repoussé Icon Plaque Religious Saints Angles. Outstandingly beautiful intricate piece of silversmith art by Henryk. Three figures saints, angles, apostles, the trinity? With crowned hallows, wings, staffs, enormous necklaces, sitting together at a table with food and drink. The scene is framed in small icons including cross scenes, angles, and [Continue]

Fabulous Antique 19th Century European HOLY TRINITY Religious Painting On Canvas


Fantastic 19th Century hand painted oil on canvas of The Holy Trinity! Total measurement 13 1/2″ x 10 3/4″ wide, frame included, without frame 11″ x 8 3/8″ wide. Very good condition with no found over painting just small crease in paint that does not go through to back as mentioned above. PLEASE check photos [Continue]

Nottingham Alabaster Religious Triptych English Sculpture Trinity Virgin

Nottingham Alabaster Religious Triptych English Sculpture – Trinity Virgin. This is an antique English religious triptych, made of polychrome plaster, after the famous Medieval Nottingham alabaster sculptures. This large polychromatic reliefs date from the 19th century and certainly used to be in a French church or chapel. One feature the Annunciation, one. The Holy Trinity [Continue]

Mexican Spanish Rare Antique Colonial Oil on Copper Retablo Icon of Trinity 17th

Authentic Spanish Mexican Colonial period Oil on Copper of the Trinity Father, Son, and Holy Spirit large Retablo Icon + Museum Quality! Measures un framed impressive 26.0″ tall by 19.0″ wide. Framed with newer wood frame measures 34.0″ tall by 27.0″ wide by 2.0 deep. Beautiful hand painted on hand hammered thin sheet of copper [Continue]