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Early Victorian Religious Devotional Motto Paper Punch Work in Cris-Cross Frame


We have some Great Deals for You. I hate to throw history away, it all has a Story, Character, Charm and could be worth restoring. And where else, can you get more than a one liner for a description. I want to tell you everything I see, so it feels like your looking it over. [Continue]

Georgian Religious Straw Work Collage Picture Dressed Print Circa 1790


This exceedingly attractive 18th century collage picture of Saint Anne is of European origin, most likely French. This’dressed print’ decorative art form was very popular during the first half of the 18th century. Known as Adorned or Dressed Prints, ancient engravings would be cut away using a very sharp knife tool leaving just a face [Continue]

Mystery Artist C. 16th Century Large Original Religious Work Antique


Any help identifying the hand that did this magnificent antique oil would be very much appreciated. We know nothing about this work other than it is obviously religious subject matter and it is very very very old. There is a very old canvas that the work is presumed to have been done on initially. It [Continue]